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Here are some of our sites:
This major travel site allows members to book discounted travel options, as well as become Independent Travel Agents. We have created all the ColdFusion programming on this site, including billing, login, administrative interfaces, etc. TransFinity provides daily support to InteleTravel.

Sanmann Kennels
Sanmann Kennels is a family owned and operated business, committed to quality pet care. The company is located in Sellersville, PA. We did a complete redesign of their previous site.

A.F. Alber Retail Contractors
Located in Hilltown, PA, A. F. Alber Retail Contractors has been providing Excellence in Retail Construction since 1987.

Quaker Hardwoods (under construction)
Quaker Hardwoods specializes in long-length custom hardwood flooring. The company is located in Quakertown, PA.

Shipmate Stove Company, Inc.
This is a new ColdFusion Cartweaver online shopping store which sells stoves, sinks, deck irons, smoke hoods, chimneys and accessories for boats, ships, etc.

C&C Catering Service, Ltd.
C&C Catering provides quality catering services throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We built this site with an administrative back-end which allows the client to update their page content.

Durham Press - Fine Art Print Publisher
Durham Press is a fine art print publisher located in Durham, Pennsylvania. We are currently working with Durham Press to streamline the presentation and maintenance of their pages through Ajax applications.

Bucks County TimberCraft, Inc.
Bucks County TimberCraft restores old barns into new custom homes, pool houses, commercial buildings and community centers throughout the United States. We maintain all aspects of this site.

Fitness Factory Outlet
Fitness Factory Outlet offers quality fitness equipment for residential and commercial use. Located in Quakertown, PA, the company is a leader in selling fitness equipment nationwide, primarily due to their online presence. TransFinity works closely with Fitness Factory Outlet to maintain search engine optimization and the DigiShop shopping cart applications.

Chrysalis Pharmamedia
Worked with Chrysalis Pharmamedia to create a ColdFusion system to automatically email medical updates to a group of physicians based on their pre-selected interests. This module allows administrative staff to manage the entire process.

Created another ColdFusion system with Chrysalis Pharmamedia to allow physicians to easily view and download documents via FTP.

University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey
Created an online ColdFusion suggestion module for use by the public. University staff have the ability to manage and respond to these sugggestions.

Durham Forge - HandForged Ironwork Blacksmith
Durham Forge is located in the picturesque village of Durham, PA. From small to large, Blacksmith Wayne Apgar is skilled at turning any size and type of metal into a magnificent work of art.

Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.
TransFinity helped develop a sales lead generation and maintenance module. This module allows staff to easily track and maintain sales leads assigned to distributors worldwide.

Axcelerated Motorsports, Inc.
We did a complete overhaul to this site visually and functionally, and we added a ColdFusion Cartweaver online shopping cart application through which the company can sell their products worldwide.

The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff is a ColdFusion-based international introduction network for single graduates and faculty of a select group of excellent universities and colleges. TransFinity was contracted to improve the site functionality.

Janssen Pharmaceutical
Created html template/stylesheet interface to be used for an internal Sales Force career development program.

Mitsubishi Chemical Intranet
Helped team create a ColdFusion Intranet site for the Mitsubishi Chemical legal department. Site allows members to track legal documents throughout many legal offices in the United States. Incorporated all search and results functionality. Created functionality to 'CheckIn' or 'CheckOut' documents, downloading and uploading documents while updating current status and revision numbers. Transferred legal member information between this site and another Intranet site using ColdFusion modules.

Informative utilizes a process called 'Consumer Dialogue Marketing' which allows brand-conscious companies to better relate to their consumers. Informative provides this process to many major companies such as Procter and Gamble, LEGO, HBO, NBC, Pfizer and Smith Barney. TransFinity was contracted by Informative to create a series of dynamic, interactive web-based templates which these companies can use to conduct online interviews with their consumers. TransFinity designed the templates to appeal to three age groups - adults, teens and children.

Fig Tree Market and Catering
Located in Riegelsville, PA, Fig Tree Market and Catering provides quality food services to the greater Riegelsville area. This site is currently under construction.
TransFinity worked with Bucks County Timbercraft to build a site which allows individuals to market their barns, services and materials through a dynamic ColdFusion programming interface. An automated billing interface was created to collect monthly fees for various listing types.

The Palisades Community Foundation
Located in Upper Bucks County, PA, The Palisades Community Foundation is dedicated to the wellness, education and cultural enrichment of the youth and community of the five-township Palisades, PA area.

The Cascade Lodge
The Cascade Lodge is a high-quality restaurant located in beautiful Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania. With the finest gourmet menu in the Delaware Valley, Cascade Lodge offers a memorable dining experience amidst the rolling hills of eastern Pennsylvania.

E Glass Studio
This site was created for E Glass, a privately-owned studio specializing in hand blown glass that is both decorative and functional. We update the site routinely as pieces are advertised and sold.

Irving J. Segall
This site is dedicated to Irving J. Segall (1921-2004), 31-season Philadelphia Orchestra member and Classical Music Business Labor Activist. The site is currently under construction.

The Singles Lounge
Created ColdFusion login modules to allow members to do a 24-hour membership. After the time expires, they are automatically sent to the billing section to become a full member. Added security checks to ensure users were not trying to re-enter 24-hour free trial. Allow users to upload their own images, then allow site administrator to review and approve the images so other members can see them. Allow members to send E-Mail to each other. Basic administration functions for the site administrator.

BBW Singles
Incorporated most of the ColdFusion functionality of the Singles Lounge site into this site.

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